Using PHP Frameworks in WordPress: Benefits and Drawbacks

WordPress has long been the dominant tool for creating websites and blog applications. However, for advanced developers seeking code organization, increased scalability, and better workflow organization, leveraging PHP frameworks such as Themosis becomes an increasingly attractive option. At ClearMedia Software House, we utilize these solutions and would like to share our experience.

Advantages of Using PHP Frameworks in WordPress

Code Organization

One of the key benefits of using PHP frameworks like Themosis is the code’s organization. Through naming conventions, folder structure, and modularity, these frameworks enable a clear separation of the logical layers of an application. This enhances code readability and ease of maintenance, crucial for long-term projects.


PHP frameworks provide tools and structures that facilitate the scaling of WordPress-based applications. Modularity allows for the addition of new features without affecting existing code. This provides flexibility in expanding and customizing websites or applications to meet evolving business needs.

Facilitation of Developer Work

For developers, utilizing PHP frameworks can significantly ease their workload. Pre-built components, libraries, and programming standards allow them to focus on developing functionalities rather than spending time on repetitive tasks. This, in turn, can shorten the project implementation time.

Drawbacks of Using PHP Frameworks in WordPress

Complex Initial Learning Process

Implementing PHP frameworks in WordPress can be challenging for developers who haven’t previously worked with such tools. Learning new conventions, structures, and work methods can delay the initial project phase.

Excessive Abstraction

Sometimes, excessive focus on abstractions and framework utilization may lead to overly complex code. This can negatively impact understanding the application’s workings and make debugging and maintaining code difficult in the future.

Other PHP Frameworks Similar to Themosis

1. Themosis
  • Code Organization: Provides an MVC-based structure that facilitates project organization and development.
  • Scalability: With flexible tools like Composer, it allows application expansion without interfering with existing code.
  • Logic Separation: Enables clear separation of logic from views, contributing to code clarity.
  • Learning New Concepts: Requires time to become familiar with MVC concepts and other conventions, especially for those unfamiliar with these solutions.
  • Adaptation Required: Some users may need to adapt to the specific solutions employed by Themosis.
2. Sage (Roots)
  • Code Organization: Offers a file structure based on Bootstrap, simplifying project organization and development.
  • Scalability: Through tools like Blade and Laravel Mix, it allows easy resource management and application expansion.
  • Support for Latest Technologies: Actively developed and frequently updated, allowing usage of the latest technological trends.
  • Longer Learning Curve: Requires time to get acquainted with conventions like Blade, for users unfamiliar with these solutions.
  • Adaptation Needed: Some users may need to adapt to certain structural limitations imposed by Sage.
3. Bedrock (Roots)
  • Security: Provides a more secure environment for WordPress by utilizing modern developer tools.
  • Package Management: Allows using Composer for managing dependencies in WordPress.
  • Environmental Configuration: Provides the ability to configure the environment using the .env file, easing application transfer between environments.
  • Higher Entry Barrier: Might pose a challenge for beginners due to the usage of new tools and configurations.
  • Understanding DevOps Basics Required: Requires an understanding of basic infrastructure and developer environment concepts.

Each of these frameworks has its own set of advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered based on project needs and the experience level of the development team. Their selection can significantly impact workflow organization and scalability of WordPress-based projects.

Do you use PHP frameworks in your WordPress-based projects? What are your experiences with their utilization?

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